FAQ Page

Q: Can a fire sprinkler be set off accidentally?
A: It is very uncommon, but does occasionally happen. This is why in some environments that are highly sensitive to water damage a pre-action system is used.
Q: I have heard about fire sprinkler heads malfunctioning?
A: Defective fire sprinkler heads are rare. In fact its about 1 in 18 million. So its nothing to worry about.
Q: Are fir sprinklers actually effective?
A: We are talking an 80% reduction in property damage. Yes, it is indeed a very effective fire suppression system.
Q: Just how effective are fire sprinklers?
A: Aside from the 80% reduction? Well, of fires deemed big enough to trigger them, sprinkler systems activate 99% of the time.
Q: Does fire sprinkler activation result in a lot of water damage?
A: No, but again, there are environments that are very sensitive to water. Like data centers or libraries. So there are better systems for those. But most fires are contained quickly with only a few sprinklers activated.