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More about backflows

Can an atmospheric vacuum breaker be used under continuous pressure?

Because of the risk of the device becoming frozen, therefore not functioning in emergency situations, the answer is no. Codes will not allow it.

What is continuous pressure?

When a back flow prev enter is being supplied for periods of over 12 hours or more, the term applies. An example is Laboratory faucet equipment, wherein the non-pressure, atmospheric anti-siphon vacuum breaker is being periodically turned on and shut off. Never subject a vacuum breaker to continuous pressure unless it is of the continuous pressure type and clearly identified for this service.

Can an atmospheric, anti-siphon vacuum breaker be installed on a hose bibb?

It is possible, but it all depends. An anti-siphon vacuum breaker must be elevated above the sill cock to operate properly. So elevated piping up to the vacuum breaker and down to the sill cock is normally not a feasible installation. However, a hose bibb vacuum breaker can be attached directly to the sill cock, without plumbing changes and at little cost.

What is back-siphonage?

Backflow back-syphonage is the revers of normal system flow caused by negative pressure in the supply piping; vacuum or partial vacuum.

What is back pressure backflow?

Back pressure is the reversal of normal flow in a system due to an increase in the downstream pressure above that of the supply pressure.