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Meir Alarms have worked with the best Home Automation manufacturers available to provide a full set of solutions to fully automate your home.

From lights and sounds, built-in fixtures and expanding levels, curtains and shades to locks and security. we can provide you with the best Home Automation system today.


Home automation is a category that can span really simple to extremely complex tasks depending on who you ask. It's easy to get overwhelmed by jargon and devices and standards. The simplest way to wade into home automation is eliminate the clutter and focus on what you actually want to do.
Deciding what you want will go a long way in determining your budget. With the right level of ingenuity, the sky's the limit on things you can automate in your home, but here are a few basic categories of tasks that you can pursue.


Home automation can be a technological marvel. It can be as simple as a system to regulate the on/off of outdoor lighting or complex enough to raise and lower window coverings each morning and night, remember and play a favorite music playlist at your parties and monitor your home for safety from intruders.
A home automation system consists of multiple electronic devices and systems linked together into one main control system that functions as the "brain" of the home. The central control receives and sends data to each device connected to the automation system. Devices and systems can be controlled using timers or triggers. For example, programming an outdoor light to turn on when movement passes its sensor is a triggered activity. Setting a living room light to turn on each night at 5 p.m. is a timed activity.
Many items in the home can be connected to an automation system. These include lights, window coverings such as shades and blinds, alarm systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, entertainment systems, outdoor irrigation systems and pool or spa elements such as pre-heating and pump failure notification.

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  • Integrated Security System
  • Shades & Curtains Modules
  • Home Appliances Modules
  • Electric Outlets Modules
  • Lighting Modules
  • Smart Bulbs
  • HVAC Control Systems
  • Doors & Locks Modules
  • Sound & Ambience Smart Systems
  • Smart Temperature Monitoring
  • Timers & Triggers Programming
  • Expanding & Collapsing Modules
  • From Small Homes to High-Rise Buildings

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