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Emergency Service Call

Emergency response is a vital part of our company. Meir Alarms has experienced and certified professionals awaiting to provide service in any emergency.

Installation of Fire Alarm Systems

Meir Alarms will coordinate every aspect of your fire alarm needs. Whether your facility is installing or updating a new fire alarm system, we will help you through the entire process, including engineering, pre-testing, city tie connection, monitoring, and final certification with the Fire Department.

Monitoring Fire & Burglary Alarm Systems

24 Hour Monitoring of your Fire Alarm System is provided by Meir Alarms. Notification to you and the Fire Department will be immediately processed as a result of any alarm. You will have a certain peace of mind with the knowledge that your home or building occupants and property will be monitored 24 hours a day.

Quarterly Inspection of Fire Alarm Systems

Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance of your Fire Alarm System is top priority in keeping your alarm up to code with the Fire Department. Meir Alarms provides you with quarterly inspections, testing all types of systems, regardless of manufacturer. Comprehensive fire alarm reports will detail the findings of your inspection.

Annual Certification

Annual certification of multi-family residential and commercial fire alarm systems is required in accordance with Florida State Statutes. A certificate attesting to the efficient operation of the fire alarm system is posted following the completion of the annual certification process, including any necessary repairs. The N.F.P.A. (National Fire Protection Association) is the nationally recognized non-profit organization which develops, tests and publishes the fire prevention standards for the entire United States.

Wireless Alarm Systems

"Do It Yourself!"

A high quality, easy to install wireless alarm system is offered to our U.S. and International clients


Activate Your System

If you currently have an existing system, arranging for monitoring can be very easy, quick and FREE!